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The Guide to Denying Illegal Immigration


Since it’s looking more and more like the House and Senate are not going to come anywhere near a compromise on an illegal immigration bill before the end of the year, and more importantly before elections in November, individual states are apparently taking steps to protect themselves as the federal government continues to demonstrate it’s love affair with illegal aliens, offering no help to a country that is close to literally drowning in illegal immigration.  We’re already up to our foreheads here in California.

Colorado lawmakers took a decent step in shoring up their levee’s so to speak, by passing what is possibly the toughest legislation in the country designed to curb illegal immigration.  While I think it could have gone even further (denying benefits to all illegal immigrants rather than those 18 and over–yes, I know I’m a cold bastard), it’s a good step, and a modest nudge in the right direction for the rest of the nation, i.e. each state will probably be required to deal with illegal immigration on their own terms since the federal government refuses to take any meaningful action on the matter.

Go Broncos!

Illegal Immigration Bills Passed in Colo.


DENVER Jul 11, 2006 (AP) State lawmakers approved a measure late Monday that would force a million people receiving state or federal aid to verify their citizenship, part of a package of bills dealing with illegal immigration that Democrats called the toughest in the nation.

The measure would deny most non-emergency state benefits to illegal immigrants 18 years old and older forcing people to prove legal residency when applying for benefits or renewing their eligibility. The measure passed the state Senate 22-13 and the House 48-15. Both are controlled by Democrats.

“At the end of the day, everybody who serves in this building as senators or representatives knows we’re making Colorado history,” said the bill’s sponsor, Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald. “We want to be able to look in the mirror and say we did legislation that is tough, enforceable and humane.”

Republicans said the bill didn’t go far enough, and left glaring loopholes, including allowing benefits for minors and denying voters the chance to have a direct say on the issue.

The bill would apply to Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment insurance, energy assistance programs and aging and adult services. Republican Gov. Bill Owens said an estimated 50,000 illegal immigrants could be thrown out of those programs.

“It simply puts teeth into existing federal regulations,” Owens said.

Sen. Dan Grossman was one of the four Democrats to vote against the measure.

“I don’t think the poor people of the state of Colorado or businesses of the state of Colorado should have to pay because we want to play politics with immigration,” Grossman said.

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