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I think it's interesting how many insano's, left-wingers (and some conservatives), and in general, conspiracy theorists, maintain such a prodigious faith in the infallibility of George W. Bush and his current government concerning the attacks of 9/11. I personally think Bush and his administration have done a horrible job in general, but particularly with the lack of any sort of prescience (or at least action on what they could piece together) regarding the attacks on our country on September 11th. They're too dumb to have pulled off something like this.

The conspiracy theorists mentioned above however, must have the most heartfelt admiration and confidence in Bush and his ilk to believe that the government could have possibly pulled off something as big and extravagant as the 9/11 attacks, while being able to keep everything so hush-hush. They also must be complete assholes (the conspiracy theorists, not Bush, though Bush is an asshole.)

Anyway, the below clip is a couple of months old, but unfortunately it will continue to be relevant for decades as crazy folk persist in grasping onto tendrils of information that they blow out to ridiculously colossal conspiratorial proportions.

To whomever happens to come to this blog, you know that I hold no credence in 9/11 conspiracy theories. But I'm not an expert. Instead I prefer to point to people more knowledgeable than myself (just about everyone) to argue in detail my basic beliefs–in this case, 9/11 conspiracy theorists are whack-jobs.

This time though, I thought I'd let Penn & Teller speak their mind about this controversial subject. It aired on Showtime's Penn & Teller's Bullshit! a couple of months ago, but as I stated above, this subject will sadly continue it's relevancy for quite a while.

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